What is CASA?

CASA of Starke County is a non-profit organization committed to speaking in the best interest of children who are at risk for abuse and neglect. CASA recruits, trains, and supports volunteers to serve at-risk children in the family court system.

The purpose of CASA is to provide advocacy for the children of Starke County who are parties to or affected by litigation involving potential or actual abuse and/or neglect. Court-ordered CASA involvement may include, but is not limited to the following situations: Children In Need of Services (CHINS), Termination of Parental Rights, Adoption proceedings, Guardianship proceedings, and Dissolution of Marriage involving child custody issues.

What does a CASA volunteer do?

Fact Finder– searches out all of the relevant facts and ensure that these facts are presented to the court at all hearings.

Advocator– present to the court an independent assessment of the child’s needs and interests; present to the court a statement of the wishes of the child; and ensure that the child’s legal rights, needs, and interests are fully protected.

Facilitator– assists the court, parents, guardian or custodian, social services, and legal counsel in the resolution of problems relating to the delivery of services.

Monitor– ensure that all parties comply with the orders of the court, inform the court of any situation that may require modification, and initiate proceedings to modify or review orders when necessary to protect the interest of the child.

Who can volunteer to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate?

Any one who is 21 years of age or older, cares about children, has the ability to remain objective, has a realistic view of children’s needs, has the commitment to complete the initial training program and to work compatibly with others, has the maturity to understand and deal with complex and emotional situations, and has the ability to communicate orally and in writing.

Make a difference in a child’s life. 

Contact Information:

Starke County CASA

53 E. Washington St.
Knox, Indiana 46534

Phone: (574) 772-7200

Email: [email protected]

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